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Hi! Welcome to Photography Crash Course for Photographer, the only course you need to become a BI Analyst.

Here are some more details of what you get with The Business Intelligence Analyst Course:

  • Introduction to Data and Data Science – Make sense of terms like business intelligence, traditional and big data, traditional statistical methods, machine learning, predictive analytics, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and many more;
  • Database theory – Before you start using SQL, it is highly beneficial to learn about the underlying database theory and acquire an understanding of why databases are created and how they can help us manage data;
  • SQL – when you can work with SQL, it means you don’t have to rely on others sending you data and executing queries for you. You can do that on your own. This allows you to be independent and dig deeper into the data to obtain the answers to questions that might improve the way your company does its business;


What youll learn

  • Become an expert in Statistics
  • Boost your resume with skills
  • Gather, organize, data
  • Data for improved
  • Present information KPIs
  • Perform quantitative
  • Analyze current data
  • Discover how to find trends
  • Understand the fundamentals
  • SQL to create, design


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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to programming and data science
  • Students eager to learn about job opportunities in the field of data science
  • Candidates willing to boost their resume by learning how to combine the knowledge of Statistics, SQL, and Tableau in a real-world working environment
  • People interested in a Business Intelligence Analyst career
  • Lesiones: 40
  • Video: 200
  • Duracion: 200 Hours
  • Sujeto: Photography
  • Cuestionarios: Yes
  • Categorie: Lifestyle
  • Certificado: Si

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